Craving Talk Radio

Welcome to Craving Talk Radio, internet radio made for you!

CTR is talk radio that is at your fingertips, ready when you are, 24/7.

 Why Tune In Daily To CTR?

The CTR Network provides quality programming to meet your entertainment, information, education and motivational needs. The CTR Network programming content covers a variety of topics of interests to listeners of all ages.

Shows like “MaD Advice”, “ Real Life Design”, ” Sage and Sass”, “Talk with Hart” and “Tune in to Life” are just a few of the shows in our line up!  Other amazing talk shows ranging from empowerment, blending families, marriage and family, health  , business finance, spirituality, family programing, career coaching and much, much more to enrich your personal and professional life.

The “Craving Talk Radio” Network broadcasts shows featuring Hosts from the Kansas City area, highlighting their business or passions. Airing the shows on one platform enables us to reach thousands with our message while simultaneously featuring and producing the shows of  Independent Hosts.  All Independent Hosts are highly trained and mentored by CTR staff. These amazing hosts share their recipes for success in business and in life through thought provoking interviews and panel discussions.

You can listen to Craving Talk Radio live here at, on and via the live 365 app.  You can also listen to our shows via podcast here on our website.


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